PnB Rock Continues Tirade Against Label: “Havent Gave Me One Mil Yet!!!”


Arguably, no other genre is quick to call out their record label more than Rap. When an artist is fed up with how they’re being treated behind the scenes, fans can expect a social media call-out to follow. It’s believed that in this day and age, most artists are aware of all the fine print in their contracts, but still, rappers are years deep into their deals and dissatisfied with how they’re being treated.

PnB Rock, Atlantic Records, Millions
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

The latest rapper to take public issue with his label is PnB Rock who recently shared a few thoughts over on his Instagram Story. “@atlanticrecords I WANT A BUYOUT OF THIS BS ASS DEAL YALL GOT ME IN !!!” he wrote. “YALL BEEN MAKING MILLIONS OFF ME FOR YEARS HAVENT GAVE ME ONE MIL YET !!!”

Some people may not understand how an artist can flash cash online while not getting paid from their label, and it’s all about the work they put in outside of the studio. The less empathetic have questioned why PnB Rock would sign a contract that would leave him in this space, but others have noted that artists have had the same complaints for decades.

Last month, PnB Rock took to Instagram to say he regretted signing his deal. Check out his post below.

PnB Rock, Atlantic Records, Millions, Money