Poet Amanda Gorman Has Declined $17 Million In Offers Since The Inuaguration


Amanda Gorman is an African American poet and activist from Los Angeles who has become one of the most important pop culture figures of 2021. In January, the Harvard graduate became the youngest inaugural poet in American history, and her captivating performance at President Joe Biden’s inauguration quickly catapulted the young woman’s career and celebrity.

This month, she has already made history once again. By gracing the cover of Vogue Magazine in an Afrocentric-style dress designed by Virgil Abloh, Amanda Gorman has become the first poet to ever land the monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine since its inception in 1892. If that wasn’t mind-blowing enough, however, Gorman revealed in her Vogue cover story that she has declined a massive amount of lucrative offers since her profound inauguration performance of her “The Hill We Climb” poem.

According to Complex, Gorman has elected to decline several insanely high offers, ultimately passing on an estimated $17 million. The poet reportedly explained that she aims to remain “conscious” of her personal goals and beliefs when considering offers of any kind.

“I didn’t really look at the details,” Gorman said, “because if you see something and it says a million dollars, you’re going to rationalize why that makes sense.”

Are you surprised that Amanda Gorman has been offered $17 million dollars since her viral inauguration performance? Or are you more shocked that she has turned them down?