Polo G Is Ready To Kick Off A Rollout


Last year, Polo G threw his hat into the race for GOAT contention, though he still has a while before he’s seriously considered as a viable contender. Yet that’s not for lack of trying — in fact, there are many who would likely name Polo as one of the game’s most promising new rappers, to the point where his 2021 output is highly anticipated. Especially after he’s been previewing the “Smooth Criminal” inspired banger he’s been cooking up in the booth.

Polo G

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Suffice it to say, Cole Bennett’s prediction that Polo G is likely to have a massive 2021 campaign is looking like a genuine possibility. And from the sound of it, it would appear that the Chicago rapper is looking to spark his rollout sooner than later. Case in point, Bennett took to Twitter to signal as such, declaring that “it’s about that time again” alongside a few behind-the-scenes pictures from a video shoot. Though little else was provided in the way of details, Polo G chimed in with an interesting “#okokok,” fueling speculation of a potential song title. 

At this point, we’ll simply have to wait and see when Polo G and Cole Bennett’s collaboration, presumably the music video for an upcoming single, lands in full. Considering that music tends to release every Friday, perhaps we’ll be able to catch that new Polo track in a matter of days. Of course, that’s purely speculation — be sure to keep an eye out for further news on whatever new music he’s got lined up. Do you think 2021 will be a big year for Polo G?