Polo G’s GF Trolls Him On TikTok


The life of a recording artist includes a lot of studio time. Sometimes, an artist can spend days at a time in the booth, perfecting their craft and preparing material for future releases. Once you start to gain some worldwide recognition, the demand for studio time amplifies as the pressure ramps up. The label starts asking for more music, which you’ve got to deliver to keep getting paid.

Polo G is one of the most exciting young artists out there. His confidence is boundless, comparing himself to Tupac Shakur this week on social media. Elsewhere on the internet, Lil Capalot popped out on his girlfriend’s latest TikTok video, where she completes the “passing the phone” challenge by trolling her man.

“I’m passing the phone to somebody who wants to go to the studio instead of going to the mall when we come to Miami to take a trip but, um, yeah,” said Crystal before sliding the phone to her boyfriend Polo G. “We didn’t come to Miami to be on no f*ckin’ trip. We came out here to work! She the one that wanna go to the mall like it’s ‘shake that ass time,'” replied the rapper.



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When the video got reposted by popular blogs across Instagram, Crystal confirmed that they ended up going shopping at the mall. However, that was likely after they got done at the studio.

The video has been watched over eleven million times so far. Watch it above and have a laugh. 

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images