Pooh Shiesty Rival EBG Jizzle Responds With Video Proving He’s Not Paralyzed


Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty, signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 record label, has become one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists in hip-hop, releasing his debut mixtape Shiesty Season last week. The project has been hailed by critics and fans alike, who are pleasantly surprised with Shiesty’s artistry. 

Despite his rise in the rap game, Shiesty still has a lot of legal drama surrounding him– including a case that stems back to October 2020, when the rapper was allegedly caught driving away from a double shooting in a McLaren following a drug and sneaker deal gone wrong. The strength of his hit record “Back In Blood”, with Lil Durk, has been catapulting Shiesty into stardom, but not everyone from his city is proud of the rapper. EBG Jizzle, another rapper from Memphis, is seemingly jealous of the man’s success, recording a diss track over “Back In Blood” against Pooh, Durkio, and O’Block. EBG Jizzle was recently reported to have been paralyzed following a shooting, which Pooh Shiesty celebrated on social media. However, it appears as though the reports may have been incorrect because, in his response, EBG Jizzle shares a video from his hospital bed, moving around his legs and proving that he’s still fully able.

Showing off the heavy bandage on his arm, EBG Jizzle confirms that he was shot, but he’s claiming that he’s not paralyzed, moving around his limbs and proving that he’s all good. He also spit some bars about the people who said he would never walk again.

What do you make of the situation between Pooh Shiesty and EBG Jizzle? And were you a fan of Shiesty Season?

Check out EBG Jizzle’s Instagram below. We’ll keep you posted if he responds again.