Pooh Shiesty Says Lil Baby’s Cameo In The “Neighbors” Video Wasn’t Planned


Pooh Shiesty says that Lil Baby’s cameo in his music video for “Neighbors” wasn’t planned and came as the result of the two becoming close friends. 

Responding at length regarding his relationship with the “Bigger Picture” rapper, Shiesty explained that the two have hit the studio together “like 10 times.” The pair recently collaborated on the track “Monday to Sunday.”

“Man, just being the type of dude I am and him being the type of dude he is — like he know what I come from,” Pooh told HipHopDX. “So, just how I’m describing to y’all how If I see something, I’m going to embrace it, that’s exactly like what he did. He didn’t hate on it or nothing — it was in his face so he acknowledged it.”

Earlier this year, Shiesty dropped a new project titled, Shiesty Season. “Neighbors” was one of the singles leading up to the project’s release.

“Even with being the person he is, knowing how big he is, he still didn’t care,” Shiesty continued. “He pulled up — it was lit, too lit. Like, he gone pull up. We been in the studio like 10-times, we ain’t got to record every time. You know, it’s just like regular life, he’s a bro now he’s locked in. See, that’s how he’s in the ‘Neighbors’ video – he just might text me one day, ‘What you got going?’ I’m like, ‘Nothing, cooling, pull up on me,’ whole time we shooting a video today so it’s just like, it’s just whatever.”