Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Returns And Sparks Plethora Of Twitter Memes


Popeyes has always been a popular fast food restaurant but thanks to their infamous chicken sandwich which was introduced this summer, the chain took themselves to a whole other level. The sandwich became a thing of legend as hungry consumers rushed to every single store they could find to buy one or in some cases, multiple. Of course, Popeyes duped everyone by making the sandwich a limited run. At one point, many chains completely ran out of the item and teases were made saying a return was in the works.

On Sunday, Popeyes brought back the chicken sandwich and now, it is a permanent mainstay of the menu. They are promising that the sandwich will never run out and that there is no time limit. This is a huge development for the brand and fast food lovers are incredibly excited about being able to cop the sandwich again.

As you can imagine, just like they do with everything, Twitter came through with some hilarious reactions to the sandwich’s return, including some great memes. Nothing excites people more in this country than good fast food, and Popeyes has certainly achieved that with this sandwich. 

People like to make light of the return of the McRib, but it’s the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich that truly has everyone feeling some type of way.


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