Popeyes Is Teasing The Return Of Their Hit Chicken Sandwich


The Popeyes chicken sandwich that shook the world this past summer appears to be making a comeback. Popeyes likely took months to reintroduce the item to their menu as they needed to secure enough ingredients to ensure they don’t sell out of The Sandwich again. The online debate over whether Popeyes or Chick-fil-A had the superior chicken sandwich reportedly resulted in $23.25 million worth of free advertisement for Popeyes. The short-lived craze led to widespread frustration when the fast food chain could no longer meet the demand for their product. Popeyes even tried initiating a Bring Your Own Bun campaign so customers would be able to cop some chicken tenders and put together a DIY sammich. 

Now, two months after the tragic disappearance of The Sandwich, Popeyes pinned tweet informing followers that they were sold out of the hot item will finally be taken down. While Popeyes has yet to announce an official release date, Food & Wineconducted some stellar investigative journalism and obtained the following hints from the chains’ employees: “Hopefully this week,” “Probably Wednesday,” “About two more weeks,” and “Sometime next month.” Let’s pray that Popeyes didn’t mean we’d have to wait a whole month when they put out their sponsored Instagram ads that said, “The chicken sandwich is coming soon…” 

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