Popeyes Owner Responds To Viral Video Of Chicken Sandwich Prepared Over Trash Bin


Yes, you read that headline right. The infamous Popeyes sandwich that has been causing mayhem all over the United States and Twitter was caught being prepared over a garbage bin. The location in question is a new Fairfax, VA restaurant that recently opened and was overwhelmed with chicken sandwich orders. The employees, uncertain as to how to prepare the infamous meal, made a makeshift table using a tray over a garbage can to make the chicken sandos.

While the owner of the Popeyes was apologetic and rectified the situation by purchasing a new table, it came after TMZ obtained photographs of the highly unhygienic situation. The owner claims that the garbage bin was empty, but either way, the setup was within customer’s line of vision and is enough to make you want to go to Wendy’s instead.

This chicken sandwich has caused chaos, fights to break out, a death, and now a franchise embarrassment can be added to the list. Given the public mobilization to purchase the sandwich, it’s doubtful people will think twice about going to Popeyes even with all of the madness. Popeyes may not be the definition of fine dining but now it has taken the definition of “trash” to new levels. 

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