PornHub Star Bridget Powers Stabs Cheating Boyfriend: Update


Bridget Powers is not your average porn star. She is possibly getting a jail sentence of over 15 years for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the leg with a butter knife. Bridget, also known as Bridget the Midget, was apparently having issues with her boyfriend, Jesse.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images

The incident happened in September, after an argument between the PornHub star and her boyfriend. It was reported that Bridget broke into Jesse’s house when he was asleep, caught another lady in his bed, and proceeded to stab him in the right leg with a butter knife. Apparently, she began attacking his lover too, while their neighbors in the street witness the dramatic scene. She was seen allegedly throwing a barbecue grill from the apartment window, while shouting ‘‘I have nothing more to lose, Jesse. You took it all from me.’’ And in a moment of guilt, she added, ”there’s blood everywhere, please call the cops.” She is now facing charges for robbery while in possession of a weapon, battery charges constituting domestic violence, and assault with a ”deadly” weapon. 

Because he was asleep at the time, prosecutors decided to hit her with the burglary charge, considering she entered the house with the intention to commit a crime. Overall, the sentence can reach a maximum of 15 years, including 5 years for the battery charge, and 6 years for assault with a deadly weapon. 



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