PornHub Takes Down Hidden Camera Footage From College Women’s Locker Room


PornHub might have a bank of videos to fulfill your wildest fantasies but there are a few clips that have been acquired illegally and to quote Future, the feds did a sweep. PornHub has taken down hidden camera footage that was illegally taken in the women’s locker room at Limestone College in Gaffney, S.C., according to TMZ. This happened in the midst of a police investigation into the matter.

Miles Willis/Getty Images

According to police, a hidden camera was installed in a locker room at the college in 2012 and was recording for months. The footage came from the visiting locker room so women from five different school changing and showering were caught on camera without their consent. Although the videos were captured a few years ago, they didn’t circulate onto PornHub this year. 

“Through the years, we have supported legislation that has made revenge porn illegal and have also worked directly alongside local authorities on individual cases to assist in prosecution. On our platform, we strongly condemn non-consensual content, including revenge porn,” Black White, PornHub’s VP, said.

A person of interest has been ID’d and officials said that the person wasn’t a student but “associated with the school at the time.”

“It is unfortunate that an individual or individuals might have violated the terms under which we are gathered as a community at this College,” a rep for Limestone said, adding that their “primary goal continues to be the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and guests.”


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