Post Malone Gets Doritos Face Tattoo In Hilarious New Advertisement


Nobody would be shocked if Post Malone woke up in the morning and decided to get a nacho chip tattooed on his face. At this point, the man is predictably unpredictable. His face is filled up with random markings that define his brand, including the barbed wire across his forehead and his famous “Always Tired” tattoos under his eyes. He keeps on making additions to his visage, collecting tats and leading his fanbase to ponder what would come next for him. As seen in the new advertisement by Doritos, Posty is making sure that he’s always got the taste of nacho cheese on his lips because he went and got a chip drawn onto his skin.

Sure, the tattoo isn’t legitimate but we wouldn’t be surprised if Malone actually took inspiration from this and decided to get it done for real. In addition to his name change to Post Limón, the rapper is celebrating his new favorite flavor of Doritos with a face tattoo. “Allow me to introduce myself,” captioned the superstar, posting a video of his ad with the company. His “Wow” single is the basis of the whole thing, causing him to enter a daze when he chews on the Limón goodness.

Who’s joining Post Malone and getting a Doritos face tattoo?


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