Post Malone Gets Shot In Jason Statham “Wrath Of Man” Trailer


Post Malone is back on the big screen, starring in Jason Statham’s upcoming movie Wrath Of Man. The rapper has been popping up in more and more projects that don’t involve his music, expanding his brand in Hollywood, and accepting roles outside of his comfort zone. He got to square off against Mark Wahlberg in Spenser Confidential, a crime drama for Netflix, and he’s officially returning to the silver screen with Wrath Of Man.

The trailer for the upcoming film was released this week, showing Jason Statham transporting large amounts of money in armored cars. Malone attempts to lead a heist on one of the cars but Statham was one step ahead of the rapper and his crew. As one of Posty’s sidekicks tries to grab the money, he gets shot, inciting a shootout between Malone and Statham. The action movie veteran does his thing, casually shooting dozens of rounds perfectly at his targets before catching up to Post effortlessly, ending his character’s misery with a couple of well-placed shots.

The new movie will be in theaters on May 7. Wrath Of Man was directed by Guy Ritchie. 

Watch the trailer above and let us know if you plan on watching the new movie once it’s out.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images