Post Malone Made It Rain $50,000 In The Club During Super Bowl Weekend


It must feel nice to be one of the top artists in the music industry, and for rap-rocker Post Malone you can rest assure that he’s living a pretty luxe life right about now. His latest antics while clubbing during Super Bowl weekend in Miami this past Saturday (February 1) proved that 50,000 times over.

As you can see from the tweet DJ Akademiks posted (seen above), Posty balled out of control while partying the night away as a Bud Light ambassador. Actually, he’s in such good cahoots with the popular beer brand that you can see them delivering, by the case, a stack of one-dollar bills that apparently totaled up to $50,000. So, what do you do with more racks than you can count in one sitting? You throw them away to the crowd, that’s what! Post Malone was being so generous that night that he actually gave one man an entire stack of freshly-wrapped singles just off the strength of the lucky guy asking the “Sunflower” crooner straight up, “Let me get one!” Without hesitation he had a full stack in his hands courtesy of Posty, showing us without a doubt that Malone is every bit of the rock star he claims to be.

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