Post Malone Pulls Nasty Frat Party Beer Trick At Sundance


Despite having millions of dollars, platinum plaques coming out the wazoo, tons of industry backing and love from around the world, Post Malone is really just a regular dude. Okay, maybe he’s not but he would be the first to tell you just how similar he is to you and me. Sipping on Bud Light and chain-smoking cigarettes, Posty is a rap anomaly. He’s unlike anybody else in the game, truly employing a unique strategy to maintain his popularity as a global superstar. He presents enough novelty that people gravitate toward his brand. And it’s things like this that simply humanize him, making him even more of a lovable character.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Post Malone is not above using his own nose grease and sweat to get rid of the unwanted foam in his beer. He proved that by using a classic (and oddly scientific) fraternity party trick, wiping both sides of his nose to collect facial grease and using the same hand to gently twirl around his drink, magically allowing the gunk to disappear so he could enjoy the cold beverage. Post was inside the Tao Nightclub pop-up at a Sundance Festival kick-off party where he was captured on video pulling the trick, causing some bloggers to lose their appetites. Page Six‘s report of the event notes that the rapper should consider washing his hands. However, his representative detailed exactly the reason why Malone went through with the display.

“His Bud Light was poured too fast and there was a bit of foam at the top and that makes the foam disappear,” explained Post’s rep, in case anybody really cared.

Who else is going to try this out the next time a Bud Light sounds like the right choice?


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