Pot Farm Lights & Snow Clouds Create Psychedelic Sky In Arizona


In the small town of Snowflake in Navajo County, Arizona, residents were able to witness a rather miraculous skyline of a purple sky decorated with billowy, cumulus clouds. No, this was not the result of some revelation adding to the evidence of imminent climate change but rather because of nearby marijuana farms and snowstorms. 

Over the past couple of days, this particular region of Arizona has received several inches of snow overnight creating a canvas for the UV lights coming from a nearby marijuana grow-house, thus creating a luminous, glowing purple hue in the sky. 

According to the Arizona Republic, the marijuana farm is housed in a large greenhouse and employs approximately 200 workers. With marijuana slowly becoming decriminalized and various entertainers hopping into the industry from an entrepreneurial standpoint, cannabis has the opportunity to improve communities economically and socially. Check out the Purple Haze lit Arizona sky in the post provided above. 

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