Pouya & Boobie Lootavelli Return With “Get Money (Take Money)”


Last week, Pouya and Boobie Lootavelli aggressively told us to “Park Backwards.” Today, they’re back with another message about getting money and taking money, not caring about anything around them and simply doing as they please. The frequent collaborators seemingly love to work together, connecting the Buffet Boys and G59 with several swift swipes. With more production from Spock, we may be nearing an official project from these two. The cover art is very similar to last week’s single, so perhaps the Miami rapper is teaming up with Lootavelli on something larger.

If you’ve been craving some underground heat in your life, check out the new song from Pouya and Boobie Lootavelli below. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

Cellphone calls from my cousin sittin’ in a cell
Cops wanted me to snitch, bitch, I told ’em, “Go to Hell”
Post office into sendin’ packs, mothafuck the mail
Bitch mad I’m on the road so she got a fuckin’ cell
Step into the spotlight, walk a mile in my life and act like
You know how to act right around these rubber bands
Don’t you leave your crib without your gun inside your hand
None of my homies got a CCL, and who you think is postin’ bail?

from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/2GfAmCY

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