“Power” Teases Three More Possible Suspects For Who Shot Ghost


After the dramatic mid-season finale of Power a few weeks ago, fans are still left racking their brains to find an answer to one of the most intense questions we’ve had to ask since the inception of the show. We’ve gotten a few teasers and hints that point to the identity of the man or woman who pulled the trigger on core character James “Ghost” St. Patrick but over the weekend, two more names were thrown into the hat.

Finally, we’re getting some realistic explanations that could detail what happened to Ghost in the most recent episode of Power. We’re sure that when the program starts back up, the answer will be revealed to us expeditiously but as it is right now, there is still an air of mystery surrounding the shooting. 50 Cent told us that he thinks it could have been Councilman Rashad Tate and the producers of the STARZ hit pointed a finger at Angela’s sister Paz. Now, three other culprits are being teased by the official social media accounts for Power: Tariq, Saxe and Tommy.

“You lost me a long time ago, Ghost,” says Tariq in his promo clip. “You lied to my face! You might have given me life but you were never my father.” 

When it came time for Tommy to speak, he said: “So you get everything you want. And I got nothing? We were family… But some things you can’t never come back from.”

Saxe may have the clearest motive. “I go to jail, St. Patrick walks,” he says. “He’s a drug-dealing, kingpin dirtbag. Sometimes the justice system needs a kick in the ass.”

It looks like a bunch of people could have wanted to kill Ghost. Who do you think it was?


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