Pras Owes $127K In Child Support Despite Owning $10 Million Watch Collection


It’s unfortunate that the world will never receive a proper reunion of the legendary hip-hop trio known as The Fugees. And while all three members in Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras have had their individual triumphs and mishaps, none have struggled as immensely with the federal justice system as much as Pras Michel. Now, the 47-year-old rapper is back in Manhattan family court and revealed that he owes $127,000 in back child support to his ex-wife, Angela Severiano, 43, for their son, Landon, according to Page Six


Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

This past Friday, Angela Severiano testified that the “Ghetto Superstar” rapper stopped making his $4,800 per month child support payments in Nov. 2018. Severiano’s lawyer, Robert Wallack, then went on to probe Pras about his Instagram account asking about various photos of the rapper in luxury sports cars, canoodling with high profile celebrities, and wearing expensive timepieces. 

Eventually, Pras admitted to owning multiple watches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars including an Audemars Piguet watch and a limited edition Patek Philippe timepiece worth around $260,000. During his testimony, Michel revealed:

“We decided it was too much (insurance) to be paying for those watches. We are talking about $10 million in watches. I put them in a safety deposit at the bank until we sorted it out with an insurance company.”

Michel also revealed that he had fallen behind in his child support payments due to the federal government seizing $70 million in assets from the rapper: 

“This last year has been a very tough year for me and I have hit the back of the wall.” Michel later in the hearing stated, “I want to apologize to Angela and my son… I want to rectify this ASAP.”

The child support battle between Pras Michel and his ex-wife Angela Severiano has been an ongoing one, but hopefully, the two can come to amicable terms for the sake of their child. 

Check out a couple of Pras’ stunt-tastic Instagram post below. 



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