Pregnant Mom Reportedly Forced On Her Belly During Police Arrest


Reports by WISN inform us that a pregnant woman by the name of Octavia Stitts is currently calling for action to be taken against mall security officials who reportedly roughed her up and forced her on her pregnant stomach during an arrest. The incident occurred at a local mall, the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa. It all began when Stitt’s daughter was jumped by a group of approximately 30 teens during a birthday shopping trip. The latter led to Stitts receiving a call informing her of her daughter’s attack and arrest. The pregnant mother then made her way to the mall so she could get her daughter. Upon arriving to the scene, Stitts asked for her daughter to be released. Things quickly got sour between the mother and the officials which is when Stitts claims that the mall cops got physical. They eventually forced her onto the ground and ordered her to roll over onto her belly. Evidently, Stitts was not able to because she is pregnant.

She shared the following with WISN: “The security had roughed me up and threw me on my stomach, and I wasn’t there when she was fighting or anything. I was just coming to get my daughter.” Moreover, the distress Sitts experienced from the incident caused her to be admitted into a hospital where she nearly gave birth. Though both Sitts and the unborn child were unharmed, the mother still wants action to be taken. “I just hope the security get fired, you know? I hope they lose they jobs for what they done to me cause I didn’t deserve that at all.” 



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