Price Delivers His Sophomore Project ‘F.O.E.S.’ Featuring Vince Staples, Bas, & More


PRICE began the rollout of his sophomore project F.O.E.S. by sharing the singles “Selfish” featuring Bas and Wyclef Jean, and “Amistad.” On the making of the song, he explained that it was based on a true story from living next door to a racist family that he used to clash with often.

“I decided to take some of the episodes from that time and do what I do best with them; turn them into a song. The song plays on the events of the movie Amistad as we’re now in the present taking over the slave ship as they did in the movie,” he explained


He opens the project with the grand anecdotal introduction track “F.R.E.E. On Evans Street,” and follows up with the smooth ode to love, beautiful women, and conviction “Golden.” He spits on the track, “Told my moms I’ll be the greatest ever like an omen,” and it’s hard not to believe the talented rapper as he confidently rhymes over the vibey beat. 

Other highlights from the 12-track project include the bouncy cut “Rank” with Rino Bideaux, the grimy fifth track “Amistad,” and the street anthem “Issue” featuring Vince Staples. His flow on “Bad Dreams” is also another highlight worth mentioning, as he quite literally skates over the beat. Check out the F.O.E.S. tracklist below and give it a listen. Of course, let us know what you think down in the comments!


1. F.R.E.R. on Evans Street

2. Golden

3. Grown Folks Business 

4. Rank feat. Bino Rideaux 

5. Amistad 

6. Issue feat. Vice Staples

7. Medals 

8. Bad Dreams 

9. Score feat. Camper

10. Protected feat. Algee Smith

11. Selfish (feat. BAS, Wyclef Jean) 

12. Said and Done