Pries Comes Through With Another New Single “Solo”


Pries Williams is gearing up to release his upcoming solo album Beautifully Depressed, and today the rapper has returned with another peek at what’s to be expected when it drops. Enter “Solo,” which finds Pries taking to a melodic guitar arpeggio with a laid-back flow. While we’ve seen a few songs implement guitars of this nature, it’s the percussive arrangement that takes this one to the next level, hitting at an instantly infectious rate.

Pries hops on the beat with an autotune-tinged delivery, dexterously weaving from chord to chord. “See the money I’m saving, baby mama she staying,” he boasts. “See you n***as switch daily, now that maybe I’m famous.” Still, the naysayers haven’t stopped him from exploring all avenues, nor have they prevented him from seeking out sexcapades good enough to knock him into a state of slumber. And who’s to say he hasn’t earned it? Given everything he’s experienced on his road to hip-hop glory, much of which is touched on to some degree in “Solo,” the song that seems to perfectly encompass the album’s oxymoronic title. Look for more from Pries whenever he decides to come though with a release date. 


See the money I’m saving, baby mama she staying
See you n***as switch daily, now that maybe I’m famous


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