Pries Cooks, Flips & Drips On His New Single “Wanted”


Denver rapper Pries has been at it for a minute now, and he’s proving the flow will continue to keep going strong with his latest new music offering titled “Wanted.”

Showing us a brief clip of how the song came together in the stu earlier today via Instagram (seen above), Pries is clearly gearing up for yet another year of putting on for his city by the sound of this trap-laced banger. Whether he’s going in about “flexing on exes” or being “stuck in the trap,” Pries uses a speedy flow and penchant for clever lyricism to deliver a respectable single about, well, being a pretty good street pharmacist that knows how to juggle a girlfriend or two. No word yet on if this is a loosie or part of his upcoming album, Beautifully Depressed, expected to drop later in 2020, but given his track record we’re just happy to be hearing new sounds from one of the most talented rappers to arrive out of Colorado. 

Take a second to stream “Wanted” by Pries below, the latest piece of new music to come from the Glue Crew camp:

Quotable Lyrics:

“I was a thug and she was a creep
I sold some drugs and she was a leech
That’s the things that should never meet
I say discrete, pack on the low
All of these feelings I never did show
Let me up in, I’m on this mission
Getting this money and yeah it shows”


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