Princess Love Hasn’t Changed Her Mind On Ray J Divorce: “Let That Sh*t Happen”


It’s clear to see that Ray J is fully aware of how much he messed up when it comes to the relationship between him and his wife, Princess Love. Ever since the “I Hit It First” rapper reportedly left Princess and his daughter Melody stranded in Las Vegas followed by accusations of partying with escorts, Princess made it very clear that she was done with the marriage in a series of posts to her social media. 

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Ray J recently chatted with Wendy Williams about his foolish moves, admitting that he messed up but denying leaving his wife “stranded” at eight months pregnant. “I love you Princess and look, it didn’t happen like that,” he said. “I would never leave my baby and my daughter like that – I would die first before I leave them on the side of the [road].” While Ray more recently admitted that his wife is “still mad” at him, it looks as though he’s right about one thing since she’s made it clear on Instagram that she’s still wanting a divorce. 

In a since-deleted post grabbed by The Blast, Princess posted a quote that read: “If the universe if forcing muthafu—as out of your life, let that shit happen.” A user commented “make up your mind” where she responded:  “When did I change it?”

Princess is days away from giving birth so we can only assume that if she’s still this serious about divorce, she’ll handle any court filings after she welcomes her second child. 


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