Princess Nokia Shares New “Balenciaga” Track


Princess Nokia has dropped off her newest track, “Balenciaga,” offering a lyrical argument against social media’s ills. On the track, Nika makes a case against dressing for “likes,” and promotes the act of dressing for oneself. She even takes things a step further by literally shedding off layers of designer in an accompanying NSFW clip.

“This song is about the fun I’ve always had taking designer concepts and recreating them with imagination and personality,” Nokia revelaed in a statement. “It’s about weird, off-kilter fashion and the blurred lines between fashion and style. It’s not anti-designer at all…it’s just a song about practicality and comfortability with one’s self. It’s about non-conformity and not taking fashion too seriously. The underlying theme I realized was about not caring what people think and dressing for yourself.”

Listen below.

Quotable Lyrics

Sketchers lookin’ like Balenciaga
Thrift clothes lookin’ like the Prada
Whole fit lit, it cost me nada
Bitches always talkin’, I give them all nada


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