Pringles’ “Rick & Morty” Pickle Rick Flavored Chips Are Hitting Shelves Soon


Over the past half-decade, Rick & Morty has become a must-watch phenomenon that has united a multitude of different sub-cultures. Mainstream personalities such as Kanye West have even inserted themselves into the multi-verse, animated television show. Now, with the unparalleled success of one episode that featured Rick turning himself into a pickle, Pringles is now providing the masses with a flavor dedicated to the season three episode they’re calling the ‘Pickle Rick’ flavor. 

Late last year, Pringles revealed that they were concocting the Pickle Rick flavored potato chip and now, the official Rick & Morty Twitter account has provided their dedicated fellowship with a behind-the-scenes look at the chips being produced. With the assembly line moving fluidly and the canisters being promptly boxed, there’s a good chance that the chips could be making their way to distribution centers now in preparation to hit shelves in the coming weeks. 

During Super Bowl LIV, the Rick & Morty creators got the opportunity to curate an original Pringles advertisement of their own featuring none other than Rick, Summer, and what appeared to be Morty at first glance, until that it was revealed that he was nothing but a robot used for the promotion of Pringles. Rick’s genius was able to catch on the scheme almost immediately but it was too late before he was swarmed by robotic Pringle-eating Morty’s.

Check out the Rick & Morty 2020 Super Bowl Pringles commercial in the video provided below and stay tuned for the release of the ‘Pickle Rick’ Pringle flavor to release at a store near you very soon. 


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