Pringles’ Turducken-Flavored Thanksgiving Chips Roasted On Social Media


This week, Pringles introduced a special product for Thanksgiving, unveiling their Turducken flavor of chips. In case you’re ridiculously confused as to what these will actually taste like, we’ll clear that up for you. The Turducken addition is actually made up of three separate flavors: turkey, duck, and chicken. Thankfully, it’s not all crammed into one chip. On top of that, Pringles is also introducing Thanksgiving side flavors, which are not sitting well with social media commentators. As noted by CNN, the new flavors will include cranberry sauce chips, stuffing chips, pumpkin spice chips, and more. I don’t know about you but literally none of these sound like good ideas. Twitter has been going off about the Turducken offering, roasting Pringles for the announcement.

Either folks are insanely curious to give these a try or they’re boycotting the idea altogether. For the most part, people are claiming the Frankenfood is “disgusting” and “will taste like shit.” Pringles is well-known for their original recipe but Turducken flavors might be pushing the envelope a little too hard.

Did you manage to get your hands on the chips before they sold out on Thursday? Let us know how they taste in the comments.



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