Pusha T Jokingly Scolds Pharrell For Denouncing His Mixtape Era


In his recent cover story for GQ, Pharrell spoke about how he feels detached from his 2006 Gangsta Grillz mixtape, In My Mind: The Prequel. Now that he has pivoted to extreme humility, the flexing and materialism that he espoused during that era no longer resonates with his spirit. “I could never listen to [In My Mind: The Prequel] now, because I was bragging so much,” he said in the interview. “I’m so embarrassed by that. I behaved so obnoxiously. But I didn’t know no better.” 

At a Dior event on Monday night (Dec. 2), Pusha T interrogated his longtime friend and collaborator, Pharrell, on his IG story about why he would “denounce” such an iconic tape. “Don’t ever do that,” Push laughingly asserted. “Don’t ever say anything bad about that, never… The youth were hurt by that.”

Skateboard P was then given an opportunity to defend his comments. “I’m gonna give you the gem and I don’t know if you will value it as much as it’s the truth,” he thoughtfully responded. “For me, I’ve always looked at life as like different eras come in and different eras go out. I’m a JAY-Z fan, I’m a Puff fan, and they made me feel like, and you were there… The residual energy that came from coming from a slave-owned state like Virginia, I felt like I needed the validity in materialism. So, for me, I found my gravity. I found my personal gravity in material items, right? And it was only until I, like, let those things go that I realize the real true value was in my, just, straight-up love…”

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