Quadie Diesel Returns With High-Flying Single “Gravy Baby”


Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, Quadie Diesel has been making quite the name for himself thanks to some energetic tracks that give you full insight into his artistic vision. Quadie Diesel finds inspiration in various athletes and actors, so it only makes sense that he would take on some unique personas in his music. This is especially true on his latest track “Gravy Baby,” which sees the artist give his fans one of the more unique songs you will hear this weekend.

From the grimey 808s to busy bells and whistles throughout the track, Quadie Diesel rides the beat with some sporadic flows and braggadocios lyrics that, at times, border on the absurd. There is a sort of humor in what Quadie Diesel is going for here, and overall, it works to his advantage.

Check out the track below, and let us know what you think, in the comments section.

Quotable Lyrics:

Fetty baby we ain’t goin steady baby
Hit me when you ready
I be ready blowin zaza
Like it’s Reggie baby