Quando Rondo Back Again With “Who Died” Banger


Quando Rondo is giving fans back to back records today. The rapper who maintains a devout cult-like following online delivered “Nita’s Grandson” across streaming services finally today, after debuting the music video. At the same time, he’s debuted another new visual for another new record, “Who Died,” but in a similar fashion to “Nita’s Grandson” the audio is not yet available on streaming services apart from Soundcloud. We’re including the music video to watch here.

Where “Nita’s Grandson” seemed like a therapeutic outing, one that found Quando Rondo in his feelings, “Who Died” seems to be the opposite– a give-no-fucks, upbeat banger with a visual that is all about having fun. Quando sits on the floor in a pool of cash, and dances around with the video game controller, turning up for the camera. 

We’re not sure what Quando has planned for the rest of the year since we did just receive QPac in January, but by the looks of it, another project is on the way.

Stay tuned.

Quotable Lyrics

I was out, zipped up with that chrome
Swing the stick on they block, then watch them dance
I’m steady tryna rip up the corner
Because they shot at your lil brother
After that he went and posted a photo

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/quando-rondo-back-again-with-who-died-banger-new-song.1986862.html

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