Quando Rondo Finds The “Perfect Timing”


Quando Rondo has the “Perfect Timing” on his new album, Q PacThe project’s title is a nod to Tupac, one of Quando’s influences. On the single “Perfect Timing” Quando lays down a steadily paced melody over excited percussions. A jazzy saxophone, electrifying guitar riffs, and somber pianos mesh together to create an addicting instrumental. Produced by BJ Beats, “Perfect Timing” walks the line between inspirational single and catchy radio hit. 

Rondo gets candid about his struggles and fears on “Perfect Timing.” He highlights the paths he took to reach his success and also sheds light on the tribulations that built him. Rondo is at his best when he’s storytelling from a first person experience, which is why “Perfect Timing” stands out on Q Pac. 

Quotable Lyrics
I reminisce ’bout the tragedies, got my lil dog in the grave
Got my lil dog, got my lil dog, got my lil dog in the grave
I see the hurt on my mother face, and I see the hurt on my brother face
Had to get off my ass and go out and get it, I couldn’t do it no other way
What you know about paper chasing, on the floor sleeping in the basement
Out the mud, got it out the pavement

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