Quando Rondo Grabs A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & 2 Chainz For “Bad Vibe”


In the race to establish a presence in the new decade, it’s likely artists will move to deliver music at an increasingly frenetic pace — at least in these early stages. As such, we’re already looking at a new banger from three heavy hitters, with Quando Rondo, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and 2 Chainz linking up to deliver “Bad Vibe.” The track, which is currently available in select international markets, seems all but designed as a “lead single.” The beat slinks along in hypnotic fashion, not quite dark but mischevious at the very least.

Rondo sets his eyes on the prize, caring little if the woman he desires is spoken for. For him, the ends justify the means. “You’re the only one keep my demons tame, I swear you grow up, but you never change,” he sing-raps, before A Boogie slides through. With songs like this, the subject matter tends to stunt the lyricism to a degree, though A Boogie makes sure to keep the upscale namedrops coming. By the time 2 Chainz closes it out with a safe yet undeniably charismatic verse, he makes sure to leave us with some trademark wisdom: “are you a real ass bitch or a fake ass?cause you could still be a real bitch with a fake ass.”

Quotable Lyrics

Know my last spot got a lake at it 
Saw a snake in my yard, I threw a rake at it 
Are you a real ass bitch, or a fake ass? 
Cause you could still be a real bitch with a fake ass

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