Quando Rondo Responds To Claims He Stole King Von’s Chain


There are plenty of questions that have gone unanswered surrounding the evening of King Von’s death. Rumors began to swirl immediately after his passing regarding the alleged suspects and his relationship with Quando Rondo who has appeared to use the infamy to boost his career. Earlier this week, his tell-all interview with Angela Yee debuted where he discussed the tragic night Von was killed with part to arriving on Tuesday. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

“It’s like I had an out-of-body experience,” explained the rapper to Angela Yee, referring to the moment the incident began escalating. At that moment, he said began praying to God to make it home that evening. 

After detailing his relationship with God, the rapper addressed rumors that he snatched King Von’s chain during the altercation. “All I know it, I look up and I see my partner on the ground, you feel me? Shot up,” he recalled, saying that he began yelling that his friend was shot. “A lot of people sayin’ I was trying to take bro chain. Like, ma’am, it’s like being in Afghanistan and two soldiers shootin’ it out with two other soldiers and a bag of money in the middle of the ground,” he continued to explain to Angela Yee. “Ma’am, you think people in the middle of a shootout are — you think, so many bullets flying, you think you’ll think about that bag of money?”

“A chain, ma’am? When it comes to jewelry, ma’am, only people with bad intentions who clout-chasin’ and stuff lookin’ to take a n***a chain,” he said, explaining that he’s wealthy enough to purchasing a $50K or $60K chain.

Check out the interview below.