Quando Rondo Responds To Rumors He Was Shot


It hasn’t been the easiest run for Quando Rondo in the last few months. Since November 6, the Georgia-based rapper has been public enemy number one for a large group of Chicago rap fans. On that date, Quando got caught up in a physical altercation with King Von in an Atlanta-area nightclub’s parking lot. Von allegedly threw a punch at Quando before gunfire rang out, fatally striking Von. Since the death of the rising OTF star, Quando Rondo has been antagonized online by hundreds of fans that wish the situation ended differently.

This week, Quando has been more active than usual, releasing three parts of his interview with Angela Yee and addressing everything that happened on that night. He spoke at length about the punch that set things off, denying that he had any problems with King Von. Quando also stated that he doesn’t understand why everyone hates him because of what happened. 

Last night, a concerning rumor was seemingly spread that the rapper had been shot at. According to some sources, the root of the rumor was DJ Akademiks. The news was circulating across hip-hop blogs on social media overnight but Quando confirmed that he was safe, claiming that it’s basically impossible to shoot him anyway. 

“Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “Nobody shot at me, bullets can’t even go threw [sic] my whips.”

In his interview videos, Quando can be seen in the backseat of a Rolls-Royce. If what he says is to be believed, all of his cars have bulletproof glass installed for his protection.

Do you think Quando needs to be more careful in the streets?