Quando Rondo Uses Verzuz To Advocate For King Von’s Alleged Killer’s Freedom


Jeezy and Gucci Mane faced off last night in one of the tensest Verzuz battles to date. Gucci Mane’s darting stare into Jeezy’s soul will haunt us forever and their back-and-forth flexes about fashion and real estate served as an entertaining moment for viewers. 

In the comments, a number of high-profile rappers, artists, and entertainers were commenting live about what was happening on-screen. The comments section was also home to a remark from Quando Rondo, who has been wrapped up in a legal matter involving King Von’s death for the last two weeks.

Quando has remained silent for the better part of two weeks following his alleged run-in with King Von’s crew in the parking lot of an Atlanta hookah lounge. There is a video of King Von seemingly walking up to his rival, supposedly Quando, and punching him right in the face, which sparked an all-out brawl, which turned to a shoot-out in a matter of five seconds. One person, who is allegedly involved with Quando’s entourage, was arrested under suspicion of firing the fatal shot that killed King Von. 

In the comments of the Verzuz battle last night, Quando was advocating for the release of that man, saying “#FreeLulTim” in front of 1.8 million viewers.

Quando Rondo is reportedly not under investigation as the case is considered closed for the most part. The rapper is said to feel “extremely bad” about what happened that night.