Quando Rondo Vibes Out On “101”


Quando Rondo’s latest effort Q Pac drew some ire from hip-hop purists for the obvious 2 Pac nod. Rather than compare himself to Pac though, Rondo is just giving props to one of the biggest influences in his life. On the track “101,” Rondo does his best to emulate the type of pain and passion that Pac would deliver. The track features Rondo delivering bars that are halfway sung, but his raw passion is palpable. 

Produced by BJ Beats, “101” has a beautifully eerie instrumental. Hopeful pianos are mixed with nervous synths to create an anxious melody that serves as a great backdrop for Rondo’s subject matter. “101” is the type of track you listen to while taking a late-night drive to clear your mind. 

Quotable Lyrics
I moved my mama out the ghetto, golden medal, bitch, I grind for this
Iced out my new bezel for them times that I did time for this
Street nigga, minimum wage, that’s the reasons for the crimes I did
Drug dealers, minimum days be the reason for the time I miss
Everybody say they ride, I look back, and ain’t nobody walk for me

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