Quavo Calls Out His Mom For Posting This Baby Photo Of Him


Parents on social media can be a recipe for disaster. It’s one thing when make comments on your posts that are overly gushy or seem to reference things that only they understand. It’s another thing for them to repost those photos that call for a repost for to celebrate some banal achievement like being an aunt. It’s a whole OTHER thing when they use their accounts to digitize the childhood photos that probably should have stayed in the dusty album.

Quavo was subjected to the humiliation of the latter on Saturday when his mother posted a baby photo of him. The picture appears to capture the moment when the Migos star was potty-trained, as he stands pantless in front of a toilet with someone assisting him. Baby Quavo gives the camera a slightly distressed look while trying to figure out the whole process of peeing. Grown Quavo reposted the photo on his Instagram page and highlighted in the caption that “My Mama!!! jus posted this.” Mama Huncho‘s account is private so, unfortunately, we cannot see what her original caption was. 

Regardless of the occasional humiliation, Quavo evidently loves his mama a whole lot because he bought her a Jeep for her birthday

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