Quavo Reveals IG Troll Led To Migos Partnership With Popeyes


The Popeyes Chicken sandwich was one of the strangest crazes of the year. Popeyes undoubtedly has fire chicken but the sandwich led to pandemonium. Individuals have been stabbed, shot and jumped over the sandwich and there have been countless physical altercations at Popeyes in relation to the menu item.

The high-demand led to Popeyes to re-route their strategy after selling out of the product at all locations. The demand was higher than they expected and the company hired 400 more employees to make it happen. Quavo, who’s a hustler by nature, found an opportunity in this. He took to Instagram where he joked about selling the popular chicken sandwiches for $1000 a pop out the trunk of his car.

Who would’ve thought that a simple Instagram post would actually lead to a bag? After the announcement of Migos partnership with Popeyes and UberEATS, Quavo explained that how Migos partnered with Popeyes for the Migos menu. He revealed that it all started from the IG Post of himself selling chickens out the trunk. From there, it appears that Popeyes reached out and it was smooth sailing from there.

The menu includes four items including “Tour Rider,” “The Offset,” “The Quavo,” and “The Takeoff.” Peep the details below. 

  • Tour Rider (starting at $46.99): 20 tenders, 7 sauces, 1 large mashed potatoes with gravy, 2 large fries, 5 biscuits, 1 gallon lemonade
  • The Offset ($21.99): 8 pieces BIC chicken meal, 1 large fries, 1 large mashed potatoes with gravy, 4 biscuits
  • The Quavo (starting at $17.99): 2 chicken sandwiches, 2 regular fries, 1 regular mashed potatoes with gravy, 2 apple pies, 2 small drinks
  • The Takeoff ($9.99): 5 tenders, 2 sauces, 1 regular mashed potatoes, 2 biscuits, 1 apple pie

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