Quavo & Saweetie Elevator Video: Twitter Reacts


The world is reacting to a video that surfaced today showing rappers Quavo and Saweetie getting into a physical altercation inside of an elevator. The video was shared within the last hour and Quavo and Saweetie are both trending on social media as a result. It shows the former couple in the middle of a fight as Saweetie appears to throw punches in Quavo’s direction. Quavo dodges the punches and shoves Saweetie into the elevator, forcing her to the ground. He did not offer to help her up and she stayed on the ground for over a minute before limping out of the elevator.

The disturbing video is still fresh and people are sharing their reactions after watching it. While it’s still early, Saweetie has been getting a lot of support as people are clowning anyone that comes to Quavo’s defense. People are also theorizing that Quavo is likely going to have to explain himself in court because of this video, even suggesting that he should get jail time for putting his hands on his girlfriend.

In addition to the reactions pouring in, people are looking back to Quavo’s comments following his public split with Saweetie, calling him out for gaslighting and being toxic. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

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