Queen Naija & Ari Lennox Announce New Collaboration But Fans Aren’t Here For It


Being caught perpetuating colorism is one of those things the internet never forgets. DaniLeigh recently had to face the internet’s scrutiny over her perceived colorist actions and continues to do so even long after issuing numerous apologies. Fair to say, colorism in the music industry is not something that is easily forgiven by the audience. Queen Naija caught fire after colorist comments she made about “nappy-headed” women resurfaced and have loomed over her heard despite her public apologies. Considering this, it’s no wonder social media had a lot to say when the songstress announced an upcoming collaboration with Ari Lennox.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images 

Preparing to get the ball moving on the rollout of her sophomore album Missunderstood…still, the “Medicine” singer began by announcing the first single from the project. “Set him up 4/7/21,” wrote Queen Naija in the announcement, sharing the sexy red-lit single cover starring her and the first lady of Dreamville.  

“I wasn’t playing…. out April 7th,” penned Ari Lennox in a separate tweet on her account. The tweet from Lennox is what prompted the mass criticism from Twitter users who questioned why she would collaborate with someone who had said negative things about dark skin women in the past as a Black woman herself. 

The Shea Butter Baby artist’s tweet currently sits at 6,000 RTS and 3,890 quote replies, which in Twitter term translates into a controversial topic. 

“Ari she said she don’t like nappy headed darkskins,” penned one fan directly under Lennox’s tweet. Another user wrote, “ari lennox has a song with queen naija????? now who does that make sense too.”

Others defended Queen Naija, noting she’s apologized multiple times and no longer holds those views. Check out more reactions to the collaboration and let us now your take below as well.