Queen Naija Responds To Backlash: “I Don’t Want Nor Need Y’all’s Validation”


Plenty of R&B fans are excited about the upcoming collaboration between Queen Naija and Ari Lennox, but a select few continue to bring up Queen’s previous controversy. The singer and YouTube star hasn’t been able to shake her years-old video where she complained about the “lil’ Black nappy-headed” girls would bully her in school. “They be jealous of something,” she said in the old clip. “It seemed like always ugly people bullied me… It ain’t had nothin’ to do with color, but they were always the ones that bullied me. It was always some lil’ Black little girls bullying me with some terrible hairstyles.”

It’s the video that resurfaces every time Queen Naija has a new release on the horizon and her joint effort with Lennox has caused a stir. Because Ari Lennox is an artist who celebrates her skin tone, some of her fans took to social media to speak out against the collaboration. Queen Naija has been pelted with colorism accusations once again, prompting her to respond publicly.

“Lol the fact that people think they can get ‘rid’ of me or take me off my own song is ridiculous [crying laughing emoji],” Queen tweeted. “I don’t want nor need y’all’s validation to continue to win! whatever y’all say about or to me cannot stop my blessings. The ratio of people who love me outweighs the hate! [purple heart emoji].”

This isn’t the first time that Queen Naija has addressed the old YouTube clip; the singer has repeatedly apologized for her remarks. Check out her tweet below.