“Queen & Slim” Star Daniel Kaluuya’s Mom “Confronted” Co-Star Over Sex Scene


Watching sex scenes in films can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if your family and friends are with you in the room. The awkwardness is intensified if you’re the one on the screen, and things are kicked up a notch if that screen just happens to be in a movie theater. Queen & Slim has been the talk of social media as strangers have debated the cultural significance of Lena Waithe’s Bonnie and Clyde-esque film, and recently the movie’s leading actors, Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith, were able to join together with their loved ones for a screening. It was a thrilling experience for Daniel and Jodie, aside from having to watch themselves act out sex scenes in front of their nearest and dearest.

The actors sat down with Extra TV to chat about Queen & Slim and joked of not wanting to deal with being around when intimate moments between their characters pop up on the screen. Jodie admitted that she tip-toed out of the theater when the sex scene came up, but that didn’t stop Daniel’s mother from cornering her later on in the evening.

“Even still at the after-party your mom was like, ‘So, what were you doing in that scene,'” said Jodie. She claimed she acted like she didn’t know what the concerned mother was talking about. “She said that?” Daniel asked with a smile. Jodie laughed, “Your mom confronted me about it!” Daniel joked, “She has no behavior.”

Daniel added that there’s really nothing sexy about filming sex. “It’s so weird because they’ll be like, ‘Cut!…You know Daniel, can you move your butt just like…” he said. After sharing in with the laughter, Jodie chimed in and added, “There was a full ten minutes spent on how my leg was positioned on the dash [while Daniel was on top of me].” She also said that she appreciated how “poetic” the scene was and how it was handled. Watch the funny interview below.

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