Quelle Chris & Chris Keys Release “Mirage” With Earl Sweatshirt & More


Quelle Chris and Chris Keys seek to liberate us with their upcoming release Innocent Country 2.

This week, the rapper-producer duo release their brand new song “Mirage,” which will be included on their new full-length body of work. The song features Earl Sweatshirt, Denmark Vessey, Merrill Garbus, and a spoken word outro by Big Sen. 

The track is incredibly timely with the artists seeking to heal us of our hardships. Quelle Chris spoke to The Fader, where he detailed his creation of the song.

“‘Mirage’ was one of the first songs Chris and I started last year and also one of the last we finished. I knew we needed Earl, Den, Merrill and Sen early on,” said the rapper. “I couldn’t have imagined how timely the song would be when we finished it. I knew the words would ring true but didn’t expect them to resonate at such high frequencies only half a year later. But here we are.”

Innocent Country 2 releases on April 24.

Quotable Lyrics:

I thought I saw a fountain
I thought I saw me on the other side of the see-saw mounted
Bouncing, on the up-and-up, countin’ downers
The rate flounder-flat to bring you ’round the bend and back
But now what?
The hour’s not a alibi, doesn’t add up
You outta time, fried like halibut with two sides
Smizing for the camera, I surmise

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/quelle-chris-and-chris-keys-release-mirage-with-earl-sweatshirt-and-more-new-song.1986946.html

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