Questlove Announces New Book “Music Is History”


Given everything that Questlove has experienced in his career, including a prolific run with The Roots that stretches fourteen albums deep, it’s fair to say that the veteran drummer has seen a thing or two. Widely respected not only for his artistry but his knowledge of music history, Quest has officially decided to bring both worlds together, announcing a brand new book titled Music Is History.

Set to be released on October 12th, an official description shines further light on what’s to be expected from Quest’s coming book. “In Music Is History, bestselling author and Sundance award-winning director Questlove harnesses his encyclopedic knowledge of popular music and his deep curiosity about history to examine America over the past fifty years,” details the Apple Books pre-order page. “Choosing one essential track from each year, Questlove unpacks each song’s significance, revealing the pivotal role that American music plays around issues of race, gender, politics, and identity.”


Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images 

Ranging from 1971 to the present, it should be fascinating to see how Quest proceeds to allocate a song to each year, as well as the historical insights he chooses to implement. Featuring a thorough analysis of themes like black identity, the relationship between pop music and American culture, and more, Music Is History promises to be an engaging read for historians and music lovers alike. 

“People my people! Great news!” captions Quest, announcing the book on his Instagram page. “My sixth book #MusicIsHistory will be available October 12th 2021! Here we’ll look at the last 50 years of America through the prism of music, and the last fifty years of Music through the prism of history. Pre-order your copy via that lank in my bio!” 

Check out Questlove’s announcement below, and sound off if you’ll be securing a copy of Music Is History when it lands this coming October.