R. Kelly Has No Visitors In Jail Other Than Remaining Girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage


Last week, R. Kelly’s two girlfriends living in his Trump Tower condo in Chicago got in a physical altercation that resulted in one of them leaving the his clutches. Azriel Clary was the woman who decided to depart the confusing love triangle. Girlfriend #2, Joycelyn Savage, was arrested for assault following her fight with Clary, but has since been released. Clary tweeted that she hopes for Savage to “come to her own realization” regarding the unhealthy dynamic between her and R. Kelly, but Savage is remaining loyal to the disgraced singer. According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, she is the only one still visiting her man while he sits behind bars in Chicago federal jail.

The documents pertained to Kells’ lawyer trying to get his client released on bail. This has been an ongoing battle, but federal prosecutors are refusing to grant Kelly bail due to the potential danger he poses to society. Kelly’s lawyer is arguing that the government’s stance is precluding any possibility of the singer building a defense for himself. “They cannot have it both ways,” the document reads. “Arguing that he should not be released on bail because of obstructive behavior and then arguing that even though he was not released on bail there is a danger of obstructive behavior. It is apparently a vortex from which he cannot escape.” 

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images (Left: Joycelyn Savage, Right: Azriel Clary)

Savage being Kelly’s only visitor was mentioned when his lawyer was attempting to prove that Kelly does not have enough connections to tamper with evidence related to his case. “As noted above, Mr. Kelly remains in custody at the federal jail in Chicago. All of his phone calls are monitored. All of his mail is monitored. Other than legal counsel his only visitor is his girlfriend, Joycelyn. He simply has no means or method by which to engage in any obstructive conduct.”

Kelly is demanding the names of “Jane Doe” accusers to be revealed so he could build a defense. “It is impossible to interview witnesses, to search for records, or to do anything without this information,” his lawyer wrote. However, if he is granted this information, then the argument he’s making to be released pending trial would be compromised. 

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