R. Kelly Ordered To Use Royalties To Pay Child Support


Aside from the many state and federal charges that R. Kelly is facing, he is continually being hounded for not making child support payments. Before Kelly was placed behind bars pending his trials, he was threatened to be sent to jail several times for not giving his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, her monthly dues of $20,833. He surprisingly managed to come up with the large amounts owed, despite claiming to be broke. At one point, it was reported that a friend of the R&B artist had covered the debt. 

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors discovered that thousands of dollars of royalties for his music were being redirected to the bank account of a childhood friend. The disgraced singer’s ex-wife must have caught wind about this because now she’s demanding that these royalties be used to keep up with his child support payments. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, courts have ordered R. Kelly to comply. 

Antonio Perez – Pool via Getty Images

In other Kelly news, this morning, Kelly’s lawyer said that his client was unable to make it to court in Chicago for one of his sexual assault hearings because he required surgery on his toenail, which had become infected. Kelly and his team have been incredibly creative with trying to evade the shitstorm that they’re caught up in, but I think we all know how things are going to end. 

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