R. Kelly Pleads Not Guilty To Bribery In Connection To Aaliyah ID Claims: Report


Kelly has been under fire all year but every crime that he’s been accused of committing is coming back to haunt him. The singer’s facing state and federal charges relating to sexual misconduct since the mid-90s including his marriage to Aaliyah. Kelly was hit with bribery charges relating to a fake ID he obtained for Aaliyah in order to marry her when she was 15-years-old.

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According to TMZ, Kellz has entered a not guilty plea in connection to the charges relating to his illegal marriage to Aaliyah. The charge was added to an amended indictment that already including counts of racketeering. Kelly only appeared in court via video chat from jail in Chicago where he’s currently being held.

The news that he plead not guilty isn’t that shocking. It was previously reported that he would. However, denying the allegations probably won’t work out in his favor, especially since his ex-tour manager said that he would testify in court. Strangely enough, he’s opposed to seeing R. Kelly going to jail.

I don’t wanna be used as a witness,” he continued. “I don’t want to use the words to prosecute Robert Kelly because I feel like there’s another part that people just don’t realize and understand about this whole thing… Nobody’s looking at the big picture. People just looking at locking someone up. I think Robert should just get a psych evaluation… I think we should help him more so than hurt him.”

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