R. Kelly’s GF Joycelyn Savage Shuts Down Mom Outside Courthouse: Report


The R. Kelly saga continues as the embattled singer awaits his time in court. The people who once stood by him are beginning to distance themselves. Joycelyn Savage, however, appears to still be sticking by Kelly’s side even after Azriel Clary bounced out on him.

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As previously reported, Savage caught a charge after an altercation with Azriel at Kelly’s Trump Tower residence. She and her lawyer appeared at a Chicago courthouse today where she pled not guilty to the charges against her. After the hearing was done, Joycelyn and her lawyer walked out of the courtroom when they were approached by several young women who are reportedly her younger sisters, TMZ reports. Joycelyn was on the phone while her sisters tried to get her attention.

In the video that emerged, Joycelyn’s mother then approaches her demanding to speak with her as Joycelyn tried to walk off. Her lawyer blocked her mother’s move but in the video, you can hear her sisters telling her to “look at the documentary” while adding that he’s a liar.

Gerald Griggs, the lawyer for the Savage family, stated that her parents are still concerned for her well-being, even with Kellz behind bars. He added, she’s been “completely different from the Joycelyn they have known her entire life” since moving in with Kelly. 

Peep the video below. 

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