Raekwon Takes Time To “Chef It Up”


Raekwon’s new project, The Appetitionis short but sweet. Coming in at only 3 songs, the EP still holds weight. “Chef It Up,” the second track on The Appetition, is a fierce street banger. Raekwon lays down some slick talk over sparkling synths. The hard-hitting bass gives the song a cult club vibe, but Raekwon’s lyrical prowess makes it hard to dance to this one. Instead, you’ll find yourself nodding hard and soaking up the bars. 

“Chef It Up” is a true testament to Raekwon’s ability to stay relevant in 2020. The instrumental and flows are very modern, which helps Raekwon stand out amongst his peers that may still be stuck in the 90s era. There isn’t much of a concept to the song, it’s just a lyrical exercise that is both smooth and sinister at the same time. 

Quotable Lyrics
Grass get lit in bamboo, the band new
I will be one of the elites in the streets
Stores where fours get bought we open up wars
Some swords get caught, some broads got bored
Next level, new level, it’s gods against devils
Czars against rebels, we never been flipped
Army brigades with blades on, all types of niggas catch fades 

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