Ranking Every Single Air Jordan Silhouette From 1-34


When Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984, he immediately signed a deal with Nike that would allow him to have his very own signature shoe. Over the next few seasons, Jordan would begin to dominate the NBA and his shoes would become a part of the National consciousness. The sneakers were almost as popular as the man himself. Yearly Jordan releases became a tradition on part with Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you wanted to be cool, you needed a pair of Js.

Thirty-five years later and Jordan Brand has become its very own imprint within the Nike umbrella. New silhouettes continue to be released as the brand innovates and brings consumers the best of the best in terms of performance basketball shoes. There are plenty of classic models in the 34-shoe library and with this list, we are ranking every single one.

34. Air Jordan 2010 (25)

 Jordan 2010 Black Varsity Red

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No shoe should ever have windows.

33. Air Jordan 2012 (27)

Jordan 2012 Tinker Hatfield

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The Air Jordan 27 is bulky and doesn’t look good on anyone’s feet. This era was a rough one for Jordan Brand and the 2012 model is a representation of that.

32. Air Jordan 15

Jordan 15 Retro Bred CDP (2008)

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This is the sneaker that made Tinker Hatfield step away from designing Jordans. 

31. Air Jordan 2009 (24)

 Jordan 2009 White Black

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Looking at these, you get the impression you’re looking at something that isn’t even a Jordan. Overall, they’re nothing special — which is the greatest sin of all.

30. Air Jordan 2011 (26)

 Jordan 2011 White Black

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We’re really not sure what Jordan Brand was going for with these ones. Overall, the shoe falls short on numerous levels. During this era, the designs suffered immensely and it shows in the rankings.

29. Air Jordan 19

 Jordan 19 Retro White Flint Grey

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The wacky tongue on the front couldn’t save the bulky brick-like design of this silhouette. This design is a little all over the place and simply doesn’t live up to the models that came before it.

28. Air Jordan 22

 Jordan 22 OG White Varisty Red

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This shoe is inspired by the F22 Raptor Fighter Jet but concept aside, this model isn’t memorable enough to be higher on the list.

27. Air Jordan 28

 Jordan XX8 Red Elephant

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The Jordan 28 can be turned into a high top should you so choose. Regardless of how you wear these, they simply aren’t very good. 

26. Air Jordan 21

 Jordan 21 OG Red Suede

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While the suede upper is pretty cool, this model doesn’t do much aside from being unnecessarily bulky. There was definitely some potential here although unfortunately, it was squandered with mediocre colorways.

25. Air Jordan 20

Jordan 20 OG Stealth

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Tinker Hatfield came out of retirement for these and helped tell the story of 20 years of Michael Jordan with lasered graphics. If it weren’t for the floating strap, these would easily crack the top 20.

24. Air Jordan 30

 Jordan XXX Gym Red

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This was a dope performance basketball shoe and Hatfield did a nice job with the designs on the upper. It’s certainly a step up from the previous model and was a great sign of what was to come from the brand.

23. Air Jordan 23

Jordan 23 Trophy Room Black

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From the midsole to the hand-stitched uppers, this was a truly unique model that some fans still remember to this day. While it may not be a classic, it was certainly one of the better models during the late 2000s.

22. Air Jordan 17

 Jordan 17 Retro Copper (2016)

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The early 2000s saw a huge shift in sneaker design and the Jordan 17 is an example of that. This design is fairly straightforward and has a bulky midsole and back heel. It’s reminiscent of the Nike Shox BB and for that, we have to give it some respect.

21. Air Jordan 18

Jordan 18 OG White Sport Royal

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One of the more unique shoes on this list, the Air Jordan 18 was an ode to Italian fashion design as well as auto-racing. The sneaker even came with a driver’s manual, brush, and towel, which just goes to show how much detail Jordan Brand was willing to put in.

20. Air Jordan 16

Jordan 16 Retro Bred CDP (2008)

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The Air Jordan 16 is perhaps the classiest sneaker in the line. It comes with its very own jacket that is removable. This model even comes with hits of patent leather which adds to the executive look and feel

19. Air Jordan 2

 Jordan 2 Retro Alternate 87

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Of all the shoes Jordan played in, the Air Jordan 2 is the one fans seem to hate the most. Overall, it’s not a bad shoe. The problem is it doesn’t live up to the hype set forth by the Air Jordan 1. Not to mention, it came before perhaps the most iconic shoe ever, the Jordan 3. Needless to say, this model is often overlooked.

18. Air Jordan 33

 Jordan XXXIII Travis Scott

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The Air Jordan 33 is one of the newest models in the Jordan Brand library and so far, it has received a ton of positive reviews. Performance-wise, it’s one of the best Jordan shoes in a while and has an interesting flight aesthetic. There have been some dope colorways including a Travis Scott collab.

17. Air Jordan 29

 Jordan XX9 Photo Reel

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This is one of the most unique shoes on the list because of the unique upper technology that allowed Jumpman to include photos and prints on the upper. It’s a feature that led to one of the most unique Jordan colorways we have ever seen. For that, we have to give this shoe some credit.

16. Air Jordan 31

 Jordan XXX1 Royal

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Yet another incredible performance sneaker, the Air Jordan 31 pays tribute to the shoe that started it all, the Air Jordan 1. The silhouette is quite similar to the infamous 1 although the materials on the upper are completely revamped. If you’re a fan of Jordan Brand lore, the 31 is a fantastic effort.

15. Air Jordan 32

Jordan XXXII Low Like Mike Gatorade

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Just like the Air Jordan 31, the 32 pays homage to the sneaker that came 30 years before it. This model is a tribute to the Jordan 2 and once again, it is the perfect example of a great performance basketball shoe. There were some strong colorways that made this model slightly better than the 31. The “Gatorade” colorway is one of those models that comes to mind.

14. Air Jordan 34

Image result for air jordan 34

Image via Nike

The latest entry to the Air Jordan library is arguably the best performance basketball shoe they have released in years. This silhouette features a stripped-down aesthetic and a silhouette that brings us back to the brand’s roots. Zion Williamson helped debut this sneaker and it immediately had us hyped. With the 34 in mind, we can’t wait to see what the 35 has in store.

13. Air Jordan 9

Jordan 9 Retro White Gym Red

Image via StockX

The Jordan 9 is a shoe that MJ himself never got to play in so naturally, it doesn’t get a lot of love. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad shoe. As one of the larger silhouettes, at times it looks like it can double as a boot. Overall, there are some versatile colorways and it looks pretty good on foot. At the end of the day, that’s all you can really ask from a sneaker. 

12. Air Jordan 8

 Jordan 8 Retro Aqua (2015)

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When you take one look at this shoe, one word comes to mind: bulky. The Air Jordan 8 was the final shoe of Jordan’s first three-peat and it is notorious for its unorthodox aesthetic. Sometimes, unorthodox shoes work to perfection and the Jordan 8 is an example of this. Sure, it’s not for everyone but the Jordan 8 will always be a classic. 

11. Air Jordan 10

 Jordan 10 Retro Seattle

Image via StockX

When this shoe first came out, Jordan was on a break from NBA basketball and as a result, the shoe didn’t get very much love. Despite this, the silhouette is pretty clean with colorways to match. It’s a silhouette that is easy to wear and accommodates NBA jerseys with ease. Last year, Jordan Brand dropped the Seattle Supersonics retro which reinvigorated people’s interest. Hopefully this trend continues.

10. Air Jordan 7

 Jordan 7 Retro Hare (2015)

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For some, the Air Jordan 7 doesn’t exactly live up to the standards set forth by the previous four models. Despite this, there is no denying how important it is. It’s the sneaker that falls directly in the middle of Jordan’s first three-peat and features a unique design that was perfect for the 90s. There are numerous colorful models that have stood the test of time. The “Hare” model is one of the colorways that come to mind.

9. Air Jordan 13

Jordan 13 Retro Bred (2017)

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Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls began with him wearing the Air Jordan 13. This silhouette is bulky at the bottom yet sleek on the top. This combination makes for an interesting model that has stood the test of time thanks to the “Bred” and “Flint” colorways. Not to mention, the sneaker gained some notoriety thanks to the film He Got Game.

8. Air Jordan 12

Jordan 12 Retro Flu Game (2016)

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The Air Jordan 12 is a truly underrated model due to the fact that so many great silhouettes came before it. Following up on the legacy of the Air Jordan 11 is no small task but the 12 does a pretty great job. It’s responsible for the iconic “Flu Game” colorway which is arguably a top 5 Jordan of all-time. Regardless, sleeping on this shoe would be a true disservice.

7. Air Jordan 14

 Jordan 14 Retro Thunder

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Some may disagree with this placement but the Jordan 14 is truly one of the most underrated models in the entire line. It’s the last sneaker Jordan ever won a championship in and is modeled after his love of racing. The shoe features some dope auto-racing colorways and continues to be overlooked by all the hypebeasts. When it comes to the 14, if you know, you know.

6. Air Jordan 5

 Jordan 5 Retro Grape (2013)

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While the Air Jordan 3 and 4 were somewhat similar, the Jordan 5 was truly unique. This Tinker Hatfield effort included a 3M tongue, shark teeth on the midsole, and some wild colorways. The “Grape” models will forever be regarded as iconic within the sneakerhead community. Thanks to The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, the Jordan 5 became a huge part of pop culture which is another reason why this silhouette gets elevated.

5. Air Jordan 6

 Jordan 6 Retro Black Infrared (2019)

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Our first entry in the top five is the Air Jordan 6, the shoe that MJ won his very first championship in. From the Jordan 6 Infrared to the iconic DMP pack, the Jordan 6 has given us plenty of reasons to salivate over the years. If you’ve ever been a fan of Air Jordan’s, then you’ve definitely owned a pair of 6’s at one point or another. If this model had more iconic colorways, it could have been a serious top 3 contender.

4. Air Jordan 4

 Jordan 4 Retro White Cement (2016)

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Hatfield’s second effort with Jordan Brand turned into yet another iconic sneaker. The Air Jordan 4 is responsible for some of the greatest Air Jordan colorways of all-time. “Fire Red,” “Bred,” “Military Blue,” and “White Cement” are the four OG models that immediately come to mind. The Jordan 4 has a wide variety of other classics and continues to amaze us with its range and wearability. Putting this in the top five is a no-brainer.

3. Air Jordan 11

 Jordan 11 Retro Space Jam (2016)

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The Jordan 11 holds a special place in people’s hearts thanks to the fact it was the shoe Jordan made his comeback in. There are a plethora of special colorways that continue to see retros. Of course, I’m talking about the “Space Jam” and “Bred” offerings. This sneaker is truly hard to beat and will forever be a classic. If there was one sneaker that Jordan heads wish they could get more colorway of, it would be the 11.

2. Air Jordan 3

 Jordan 3 Retro Black Cement (2018)

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Tinker Hatfield’s first Jordan sneaker was the one that saved MJ’s relationship with Nike. The elephant print hits and Nike Air cushioning made this shoe truly unique when it first dropped in 1988. A couple of years ago, Jordan Brand brought the 3 out of the vault and have been launching new colorways ever since. The shoe continues to be beloved by fans and there is no doubt this is one of the best shoes of all-time.

1. Air Jordan 1 High OG

 Jordan 1 Retro Chicago (2015)

Image via StockX

What more can be said about the Air Jordan 1? This was the first shoe Jordan ever wore and it’s also his most iconic. Every single year, Jordan Brand finds themselves retroing iconic colorways. The simplistic design has made this sneaker a fashion staple that will never get old, no matter how many years pass by. Not to mention, this is the only model with a Nike swoosh on the side which gives it a feel unlike any other Jordan.

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